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Comprehensive plumbing solutions, including sales, service, installation of products like pumps, drain unclogging, and cleaning, along with maintenance contracts for your peace of mind.

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A Legacy of Expertise in Plumbing

Founded 40 years ago by Joe Torres, our sewer and drain business has become a cornerstone of the Westchester area, carrying forward a legacy of unmatched expertise and dedication in the plumbing industry. Joe, who learned the craft from his father, has imbued the company with a deep-seated passion for excellence and a commitment to service that goes beyond mere business transactions. Under his leadership, we’ve grown from a humble family operation into a trusted name, known for our reliability, skilled workmanship, and profound understanding of our customers’ needs. Our journey, rooted in the rich tradition passed down from Joe’s father, reflects a history of overcoming challenges, adapting to new technologies, and a constant striving to provide the best solutions for our community’s sewer and drain needs.


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Our plumbing service expertly handles tubs, sinks, toilets, and more, ensuring your home’s water systems function seamlessly. 


Sewer and Drain

Our sewer and drain service includes water jetting, electrical snaking, resolving flooded basements, and more, offering comprehensive solutions for all drainage issues.



We specialize in installing and repairing water pumps, well pumps, and sewage pumps, ensuring efficient water flow and disposal in your property. 


"When a sudden plumbing emergency threatened my home, Reliable Drain and Sewer was there within hours, turning a potential disaster into a manageable situation. Their team's swift response and expertise not only fixed the issue quickly but also saved me from significant damage and stress. I'm deeply grateful for their exceptional service and professionalism during my time of need."
Donald Hunter
"My basement flooded due to a clogged drain and Reliable Drain and Sewer responded with urgency and professionalism. Their team arrived promptly, efficiently clearing the blockage and preventing further water damage. Their expertise and quick action were truly lifesaving, and I can't thank them enough for their dedicated service during such a stressful time."
Mike Hughes
"After another company failed to fix a persistent drain blockage, Reliable Drain and Sewer stepped in and resolved the issue with ease. Their team's expertise and efficiency stood out, quickly identifying and rectifying the problem that had stumped others. Their professionalism and skill turned my frustration into relief. I'm thoroughly impressed and grateful for their exceptional service."

Quick Service On Emergency Call - 24/7

Our quick service ensures immediate assistance during emergencies, providing reliable solutions when you need them most.